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3M Ultra Series Security Film

Safety and security is always a priority in your home. Whether you need to protect your family, or priceless valuables 3M Security Film is here for you. 3M Security film is a clear, or tinted, thick film that is installed on your entire window. Once installed, we can take an extra precaution and seal the entire perimeter of the window.

In the event of a break-in, a robber will smash an object against the glass to break it. With Security Film installed, the glass will break, but will keep all shards in place, preventing shards from flying and hitting someone in your home. The Security Film makes it very difficult to get through the window and a person who is trying to break in usually wants a quick entrance/escape. The more he hits the glass the more noise is made, and the more attention is brought to the situation. Without security film, a robber could get into your home in under five seconds. With security film installed, it could easily take him over two minutes to get inside, and by that time, the cops have most likely already been called, he gave up, or your heard something came to see what it was and scared him off.

3M Security Film also protects against 99% of harmful UV rays which can also prevent sun damage to your belongings and your skin.

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Residential Ultra 800 Security Film Entrance by Front Door

Residential Ultra 800 Security Film Office

Residential Security Film- 3m Ultra 800 Used In Residential Window Tint

3M Ultra 800 Security Film Target Store

3M Ultra 800 Security Film Target Store

Residential Ultra 800 Security Film Entrance