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Sometimes, you want to add an edgier look to your home or office, but you may not know how to achieve that. Sure, you can add a few more trinkets on your desk, but things could still look a bit dull. Believe it or not, adding a decorative film to a window can bring the whole room together and give you that exact look you’re going for. The 3M Fasara line has a vast selection of decorative films; you’d be surprised how something so little can make such an enormous difference.

The 3M Fasara line are decorative films that are installed over existing glass. This can be used for conference room windows, transaction windows, or even bathroom windows. Any glass surface that needs a little sprucing up, would be perfect for 3M’s Fasara film. (Not to mention, it costs a lot less than specialty glass.)

If you get a bit overwhelmed with the selection, just give us a call and we’ll help you narrow it down to the specific element you’re looking for.

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